About Dave Cote Technologies:

Dave Cote Technologies specializes in data backup services as well as managing large datasets with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).
We are based in British Columbia, Canada.
Our product RELAY is a mobile application, compatible with any Android smartphone, that syncs your important data to your email. Relay services cost $25 USD per month, and allows for unlimited data transfer.
Please stay tuned to our large dataset software announcements, as we are working on this day and night!
Feel free to Contact us about your software or data needs.

Other Awesome Dave Cote Projects:

Wiki News Live
Extra Terrestrial Private Satellite Club
Devils' and Angels'

Dave Cote himself has a background in film and television, art and writing, and holds a degree in Computer Science.
Dave is currently awaiting the launch of a Cubesat into Low Earth Orbit that will be used for the study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.
After decades of travelling with Film and Fashion work, he now works towards self-sufficiency with his wife and kids on their property in New Brunswick, Canada.